: Love R Desire

1 year ago

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  • Love R Desire: [120 primary poetic quotes on love & desire with literary focus on the 7 deadly sins & virtues of Western dogma & doctrines of moral. This publication was done in 7 days & published in 11 days, it actually took 1 week & 1 day to be completed, barring the passed out moments. It’s truly a passion of great desire & love for the art of creative writing. This scribing intent is to demonstrate the ability & capabilities towards a graduate program at UCLAN in Preston UK, for a literature & culture research study, where the prime focal of researching will be six other publications the writer have on reserved. This book seek to highlight the connotations of love & desires, by incorporating human’s vices via philosophical dialogues concerning righteousness & the true essences of human’s animalistic qualities as an underline norms in humanity. The other aiming desired goal is earning some financial energy towards help paying for University, while sharing with the world a unique poetic voice of our modern literary era.] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!