: Money Matters

1 year ago

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  • Money Matters: [Money Matter focusing poetic extrapolative quoting and literary themes are on a quantitative philosophical addressing concerns towards the Game of Money, Banking the Money, Do You Need Money, the Desire for Money, Bring Me the Money, I Want Your Money & Real Money Magic. The combine collective features 120 primary quotes with supplementing proses in the front & back section of this daring publication on the item we all calling money. In such the first visual association of this fine arts printed matter are the images of the Euro, the British pound and the US dollar in addition to the new currency called bitcoin. The first 3 are the strongest floating currencies being use in international financing which incidentally are the dominating money of this world. While the last one is a P2P money aka people to people currency without the mediations of a banking institution. This artwork of literature reflects a social attitude in appreciating and understanding the value of money in our lives.] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!