: My Zen

1 year ago

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  • My Zen: [This pocket publication is a complimenting artwork onto the previous collection of poetical thoughts, so titled “I Am Moor We R Moors, Know Thyself, Moor’s History Months.” In this little journal the underlining theme focus on the days of the week & sequencing of 24 hours poetical reading on original insights about living life, which is often associated from a unique Moorish Zen prospective. This is indeed a rare literary gift which so happen to be reflecting a special forwarding on life most beautiful creation the females of this world. It also shares poetic extrapolations on noted writers & authors throughout selected timelines of western history. The poetic thesis so shares a personal awareness onto the overall qualities & capacity of Zen philosophy. Duly note the writer doesn’t use standardized English, nevertheless the reading flow is quite easy except for the occasional big words LOL. It’s a positive little book to have in one’s collection & the visual icons of the Ankhs evokes a deep esoteric wisdom. ] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!