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1 year ago

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  • VVRIV Vegan Vegetarian Raw Ital Vital: [The flow of this book is geared towards raw vegan poetry, poetic vegan quotes & poetical vegan recipes. It took approximately & roughly 6 weeks to write this publication with the delightful exhibition on 60 vegan modus operandi of cooking & feeding, likewise 120 focal quotations about the lifestyle some have called vegan. It’s without a doubt, a personal vegan bible emphasising 31 years of being a vegan. It’s also a small literary token of a quantum sample towards the collective creative literatures on the history & culture of veganism/ vegetarianism. This book is for those willingly individuals who’re consciously serious about becoming healthier & wiser concerning the omission of flesh from their daily habitual consumption & the adoption of a plant based appetite for the healing of themselves & their overall breathing living environment. This body of work also display 6 everyday vegetable with astounding characteristic of being superfood.] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!