: Workin 9 Nine of Nine 81 Muses

1 year ago

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  • Workin 9 Nine of Nine 81 Muses: [It's a book of great discovery reflecting numerous profound quantum leaping thought patterns concerning life via the associations of the Ankh; aka the Key of life, Key to life, Eternal Life: Once it was the most revered icon throughout the known World & with the 2015 presented evidence of being founded on the planet Mars; It seems it was an icon of supernatural cosmic venerating esteem: This publication shares some poetical innovative outlooks & deep inner prospective relating to this key symbol named the Ankh: In such, it conveys many insightful personal & private reasoning about the reality we’ve been given to occupy while in motion degrees of our daily lives & how it seemingly connected to this ancient mystic holy scared effigy of life: This creative written body of work gives an ingenious levitation upon the marvellous statue of the Ankh; which also held the pseudonym appellations of Za, Venus, Nkwa, Satan, Lucifer & is a key element in grasping divine astronomy & celestial motions of above & below:] www.lulu.com/spotlight/beyelpress BEFORE YOU BURN IT! BUY IT!