Crystals & Synchronicity: Magic(Manifestations) Now Happening Faster...

  • Got Crystals? Experiencing Synchronicity? Pay Attention To Synchronicity or "Coincidences" or Signs From The Universe Happening in Your Life. Caroline Jalango Shares How Magic/Manifestation of Our Creations Are Now Happening Faster & In Real Time! The Synchronicity/Coincidences are Alerting Us Of What We Are Manifesting! Our Thoughts Are Creating Our Realities...What Are you Creating? Physical Manifestation Is Happening Quicker and Time Lag Between Thoughts and Reality Manifestation Has Greatly reduced. We Are Now Living More and More in The Now Moment!
    There are no Accidents! Be Aware and Conscious of Your Thoughts Because The Universe Is Providing Instant Feedback! Will Your Creation/ Manifestation Be What You Prefer?
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