Parents TRAUMATIZE Kids by Switching Roles (Church, Jan 29, '17)

  • Sunday, January 29: Anger is evil. Education traumatizes children. Trump: White Savior to Black America. Parents think emotion is love -- fathers become "stay-at-home mothers." Kids need love from their parents.
    0:16 Report on Educational Policy Conference: Anger is not good.
    5:23 Donald Trump: White Savior to Black America
    9:32 Black men become "stay-at-home mothers" (TD Jakes)
    14:17 Order of God: God, Christ, Man, Woman, Children. (Work)
    21:16 Kids don't care if fathers don't show up to their games.
    24:37 What love is: Not emotional. Being. (1 Corinthians 13)
    28:57 People taking things personally. (work, Jesus, natural state)
    34:26 Anger is of your father the devil. Forgive.
    37:32 Show others how to be by being that way.
    39:45 A father who acts like a woman.
    43:24 On fathers going to kids' sporting events.
    45:07 How do you forgive someone who keeps hurting you?
    46:49 Can a man be a Christian and let his wife control?
    47:45 Curse vs. Sin. Be careful what you believe. (Voodoo)
    51:13 Why we do the will of the devil: Because we believe it.
    52:18 Only have faith in God.
    55:01 Why can't black man save blacks? (Trump: White Savior)
    57:03 Overcome your anger. (The Antidote)
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